Services & Conditions

Services & Conditions

Last updated on March 15, 2024

Please review carefully. You're deemed to have accepted the following contents. If you disagree, please do not proceed or contact us to cancel your order.


Evereal Studio Inc. (hereinafter 'Evereal Studio' or 'We' or 'Photographer') normally do not collect payment in advance nor requires credit card information. The agent (hereinafter 'the client' or 'the homeowner' or 'You') only asked to complete payment to access the deliverables. However, payment is due within 14 days after the service is conducted. Once the work is ready to deliver, any outstanding balance is payable in full regardless of whether you have downloaded or used the deliverables. The company will apply a 3% compounded interest per month, and every month, to any overdue balance starting from the 15th day of the invoice and/or ready to deliver date. The client is responsible for the agency's fees and other associated costs should we hire a third-party fund collection agency.

Payment methods:
In the client's dashboard:
You may proceed with payment in the client's Dashboard. You will be directed to a secured third-party payment gateway when clicking the 'Make Payment' button. Please make sure you refresh the Dashboard page after the payment is completed. We do not store your payment information in any form.

Online invoice: We also can send you an invoice via email to pay online with credit card. It's an safe and easy way. We do not store your payment information in any form.
Email transfer: Email transfers can be made to, with the security question answer set to 'evereal' (if required). Please notify us when transferred.

Shooting Procedures

If the client doesn't present during the services and hasn't made prior requests, all shots taken will be at the photographer's discretion. The client is to ensure the property is in 'photo-ready' condition. The photographer will not prepare the space and shoot 'as-is.' The photographer will not be liable for the missing shots (i.e. unfinished basement, closets, specific angles/views, amenities). We recommend that the client make clear instructions before or at the time of the shooting if needed. The client is to make sure of the accessibility of the property. Due to inaccessibility, we may charge for cancellation, reschedule, revisit, or travel fees. The client must accompany the photographer to shoot amenities in a Condo building.

Travel Fee, Reschedule & Cancellation

Please refer to this map for the Travel Fees. We will inform you of the exact charge of a Travel Fee, if any, when confirming an order.

To change a confirmed appointment, we require a 24 hours notice in advance. In rare cases where you need a last-minute cancellation, please make sure you notify us at least 2 hours before the scheduled time, or otherwise, you will be billed for a $50+Travel Fee (if applicable) to compensate for the gas and time of the photographer. You will be billed for the total order amount if the cancellation is made after the service is conducted.

Product Delivery & Storage

All deliverables are in the form of links and not email attachments. We store all your files locally up to 1 year before deletion. They are not recoverable once deleted, so please download them at your earliest convenience.

Feature Sheets will be mailed directly to the designated address. No signature is required, so please check your community mailbox.


All services include basic editing, for example, adjusting exposure, white balance, blurring the agent signage or personal pictures, resizing and cropping. Advanced editing is not included in the service charge, for example, removing small objects from the original photo, replacing the sky, cleaning driveways, fixing imperfections. Advanced editing is request-based and subject to a fee. The final post-production and editing styles, effects, and overall look of the work are left to the photographer's discretion.

Parking Fees

Service charges do not include parking fees. If the client cannot provide free parking, parking fees will be added to the final service charge as incurred. The parking spot should be reasonably close to the service location (within 5 mins walking distance).

Service-Related Topics


Tiers are designed for different property sizes. You're required to choose the Tier that fits the estimated property size. 

  • Tier 1 includes up to 30 photos and is recommended for property size below 3000 sq. ft
  • Tier 2 include up to 60 photos and is recommended for property sizes between 3000 and 5000 sq. ft

The photographer will strictly follow your order. If the Tier you've ordered is not enough to cover the entire property, we will try to contact you on-site via a call or text message to suggest an upgrade to a higher Tier. 

If you are not reachable within 15 minutes or you've decided not to upgrade, we will proceed based on your original order. You're aware that some angles/views/features may not be obtained due to this limitation.

Some services require a matching Tier to perform, such as a Floor Plan, Matterport 3D Tour and Walk-thru Motion Video. In such cases, it's required to upgrade to a higher Tier, or we will remove these services from your order should you decided not to upgrade.

Still Photos

We highly encourage you to come on-site with us because we'd be happy to show you all the photos before leaving the site. This way, we can make sure we got everything you need as it will be the only chance for you to preview the photos.

Expedited Photo Delivery

This add-on service enables you to receive the Still Photos the same day. Otherwise, the orders are processed based on the time it is received. You may refer to the FAQ for the turnaround.

Matterport 3D Virtual Tour

The Matterport 3D tour will remain active for 90 days while the listing is active (it may be unavailable for view if your listing is inactive, terminated or past 90 days). You can request us to reinstate the tour at any time within the 90 days time period. You may have option to extend the tour for another 90 days for a fee.

Feature Sheets

You will receive your first design revision the next day. It's required to complete the payment before sending your feature sheets for print. You have options to pick it up from our office, or get it shipped to you for a fee.

Schematic Floor Plan

The dimensions are estimated in a schematic floor plan (the margin of error may be up to 4%). It's for demonstration purposes only, and results may vary from the actual. The turnaround time is between 24 to 36 hours.